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Got a great idea for an Open Source Science project? Great, let's get started! 

Please note only registered users are allowed to initiate a project. We have found that transparency is critical to the success of large-scale collaborative projects. Hence, we encourage the use of collaboration and open-access tools (ex. shared cloud folder for data; accessible manuscript with viewing and potential editing rights; version-controlled public code base, etc). How each open source science project is run is entirely decided by the team. But please feel free to refer to a template for an Open Source Science project below. 

Title: Great Open Source Science project

Summary: The project is to demonstrate the feasibility and establish the standard of doing science in a new way. 

Project stage: ideation

Recruitment: we are seeking individuals with expertise in xxx to conduct yy analysis. 

How to join us and project contact: Please send a one-paragraph summary of your proposed approach and your CV to XXX at 

Conference call: 12PM ET every other Monday using Zoom

Key project files:

  • Manuscript: [ex.bioRxiv, google doc]
  • Data: [ex. dropbox]
  • Code [or protocol]: [ex. github]

Current project members

  • Kuan-lin Huang (Assistant Professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NYC, USA)


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