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Interactions between Genomic and Expression Biomarkers in Immunotherapies  


Kuan-lin Huang, PhD
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Title: Interactions between Genomic and Expression Biomarkers in Immunotherapies


Immune checkpoint blockade has arisen as a promising therapeutic strategy in multiple types of cancer. However, only a fraction of patients receiving these therapies showed a notable clinical response. As the number of studies and trials of immuno-therapy increased, the category and number of biomarkers have also increased. To effectively stratify the patients and design future immuno-therapy studies, it is required that we dissect these biomarkers and understand their relationships. TCGA offers one of the largest cancer datasets with simultaneous genomics and expression characterization. Herein, we will curate the current list of genomic or immune markers in checkpoint blockade therapy, derive them using TCGA mutli-omics data, and finally investigate their relationship to inform the most efficient application of these biomarker sets.

Project stage: ideation

Recruitment: we are seeking individuals with expertise in cancer genomics, transcriptomics, and immunotherapy. Current need to-dos in the project: 

  1. Compile immuno-therapy treatments, indications, biomarkers, reference in a table
  2. Make each score/feature using multi-omics data of TCGA
  3. Combine and study the correlation of all features / correcting for phenotype / predict survival

How to join us and project contact: Please send a one-paragraph summary of your proposed approach and your CV to XXX at 

Conference call: We are experimenting to see if we can conduct a scientific project through hackathons!

Key project files:

Current project members

  • Kuan-lin Huang (Assistant Professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NYC, USA)

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